Wall hugging?

Im sure this isn’t something new to all of us. Especially iPhone users out there, you KNOW it. The fact that we need to constantly plug in for battery power is beyond frustration. Somehow this video seemed to depict Samsung mitigating this issue. The new Samsung S5 with lesser power issues? Really? While I highly doubt so, I do think the commercial resonates with a lot of people out there. Most of us suffering from the mediocre battery performance from smartphones are compelled to make a switch to another brand often promising us longer, more robust battery performance. Well, i do think this is a rather amusing commercial of how Samsung would sell through benefit but at the expense of Apple.

Young guns


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What happens when you pick the minds of very creative people and have them all rounded up cracking ideas for something zany? You get truly astounding work. The Art Director’s Club has since invigorated a huge following of creatives, creating brilliant ideas through creativity, design and experience. For Young Guns 12’ competition this year, three members of the Young Guns, Julia NeumannJordan Bruner, andJamie Carreiro proposed the ‘Reanimation Game’. Interestingly, it defies all norms of a typical game setup. Characters in the game they designed would never perish and instantly resumes in an entirely new visual setting as it plummet off dangerous structures. The styles are works by over 45 artists and effectively communicates the idea of a reanimation. Check out the game here.

The One



Foray into the highly saturated mobile market is a rather adventurous decision. And, a highly risky move. OnePlus, a tech startup is keen to take on that challenge. The inaugural debut features a smartphone with both sleek appearance packed with killer specifications. Known as the One, the phone is created under the company belief, “never settle,”

Do check out more about this smartphone from here.

Some of its specs:
a 5.5-inch, full HD screen,
a quad-core,
2.5GHz Qualcomm
Snapdragon CPU with an Adreno 330 GPU,
3GB of RAM and 16/64GB of storage.


Nearby friends


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An article from Mashable, reported Facebook releasing their apps with newer functions. This time round, they added a nearby friends function which is similar to WeChat’s. What could have taken Facebook this long to implement this function? In Asia, Facebook penetration is massive and a function like this might serve its purpose but yet attract adverse effects. I have heard of couples banning one another from Facebook. I guess you probably could visualize what the reasons might possibly be. Nonetheless, I think this is still an innovative addition to the repertoire of tools on Facebook, plus it also aids in further enhancing consumer experience. Now, I shall not go into details how the new function would work, but you can read more of the article here to understand the ‘Nearby Friends’ experience.

Game of Thrones

Brilliant. What a marvelous way of showing war between social media giants. We see the territories of Westeros and Essos being cleverly animated in the likes of Facebook, Google as well as Twitter. Check out the Game of Thrones opening featuring the noble houses being decorated by famous social media tech logos. Great work there by HootSuite, one of the good social media management tool. Entertaining. Oh, and in case you need it, that is, the original spun:


Bro, let me take over the wheel.

Haven’t got time for your pals? Spending too much time on your relationship? Fret not, a cure is on it’s way. A while ago, there were interesting stuffs that allow guys to sneak their way out from tight relationship commitments to spend more quality time with their pals and now we have one that serve the same purpose. Actually, it is even better. The BroApp is created to give you that ability to multi task between your lover and your best friend. Leaving you with more capacity to hang around with your mates, the app’s intelligent functions keeps daily ‘operations’ in check. When configured, allows you to not only tweet to her but also send her timely text messages. Something most guys should leverage on! Now you can spend that quality time with your mates, the way you want it.

There is a group everywhere

Something you and I would least expect – Facebook with killer ads. Apparently, Facebook had been producing notable marketing materials lately. This recent ad by Facebook features people assembling in movie characters, taking photos while they mingle around camera. See, the fact that marketing sometimes cannot be a linear effort sees it diverse its application using unique approaches. In this context, we still see very real, very down to earth creative direction accompanied by a rather straightforward message: “We are not alone.” I believe the message they are trying to commute hasn’t dilute at all. Instead, it emphasizes that every minute, every second, there are someone out there who is the exact fit for you or your community. And that is happening all on Facebook.