Integrated Marketing

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Shawn quoted two extremely high profile campaigns that fully mastered the art of integration between online and offline as well as physical and digital. My forte in creative lies in doing integrated marketing campaigns. It has always been my passion to help brands leverage on the existing platforms and with one solid marketing message, create a multi channel marketing campaign. Integrated advertising and marketing places consumers in the center of the entire brand experience. It is so powerful that it can directly influence the purchasing decisions of a consumer.


The future of Pay Phones?!

Incredible. This revolutionary Pay Phone is truly an amazing piece of technology. Imagine you can now submit posters of your lost cat, pay bills, tap mobile (NFC? what?) and for advertisers, there’s even a robust back end with great analytics and database control. Very dynamic with loads of potential we are seeing right here. A lot of room for great creativity! I truly hope this innovation would come on well and soon make its way to shores of Asia. I cant wait to test out this new integration between physical and digital.

Make it a habit

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I wonder what took these two tech giants so long to realize they should have taken the 1st page off mobile users. With this move, facebook will completely integrated into mobile user behavior. One of the few things in the journey of a mobile user definitely includes navigational properties and with the ease of always having the app with you no matter where you are on your mobile screen makes it exceptionally habitual. I say this is a great move that took Zuck a tad too long to have it up.

Somersby Cider – The genius bar

This one really cracked me up. A nice parody of the apple store concept. Frankly, apple set a real excellent benchmark when it comes to their apple store. The service from the crew is good, the way they approach you even when purchasing a product, you get to pay using their wireless payment systems. Personally, I felt there has been ample research and planning done on their end when it comes to shopper marketing. Also, this ad makes great fun out of them but indirectly has helped to let more consumers realize how much a hell of a service you get when you go to an apple store.