Children into Apps


Younger people are generally more interested in visuals than plain text. Culture influences people’s learning habits and adaptability to their environments. As brands start to invest more of their marketing and advertising budgets for their communication platforms, it becomes very significant to spend some really quality time on researches and feedbacks through crowdsourcing. And, among the time spent, a very essential part of the process must be invested to understand user behavior. Thus, a great human centered communication work will arise to meet the increasing need in demand for the product.

The younger generation, surrounded by Apple, Samsung, Macdonalds and all other great brands out there have learn to apperciate what they have saw and love it for the way it is one way or another. We have to embrace the fact that the younger generation are generally more attracted to technology these days like mobile and tablet apps. Australian children have been using apps at a prevalent rate that is even more than gaming consoles.

It is reported that out of 10 children, 7 would use apps. They would use the apps on their smartphones and tablets. At the same time sharing the content with their parents and siblings. This also shows that interaction takes place with the ones you love because many times, you are using or browsing the mobile while waiting for someone or beside somebody. The power of word will then leverage on this aspect of mobile, thus making viral almost an instant possibility. Another highly maximized device would be the tablets. Not only is the tablet a portable device, its larger than mobile screen size gives more possibilities for interaction to take place. It is also far more easier to interact with your kid using the tablet as compared to the smaller screen from the mobile.

The rapid explosion and boom in the short period of a just a few years has seen how younger generation are accessing data online through innovative devices on the go. We see many different ways where we could feed data to our consumers but clearly mobile has been of the highest impact so far.

A recent survey also point out a rather interesting fact that children and young people usually spend more time on the internet gaming as well as video watching. Compared to social networking, videos are a much more consumable media.

Popularity for console games and desktop PCs has dropped dramatically and has been slowly replaced by mobile.


Currency App


Ever had difficulty converting currencies? Especially before currency apps was ever produced, many of us would really just visit the money changer or use the browser on our phones, surfing financial sites like to convert and check currency rates online. This video is an introduction to the ingenius Currency App by Simple Simple.

By now, I am sure the few important points to note when making apps is to ensure that it is fundamentally easy to use, attractive, functional and stays updated. The app has got a really neat and minimal interface design. It allows very easy and quick access to rate conversions over 160 currencies with the most up to date data. Alex Penny, the designer of Currency has placed in a lot of hard work for this beautiful app.

Some of the notable interface designs I particular like is the swiping action for the increment and decrement of digits. By swiping to the left you pull a long digit increment and the rates almost changes on the spot. Very effective and functional. The interesting graphic flags are also an eye candy for the user. You could easily manoveour the number of currencies by swiping up and down as well. With the up and down as well as left and right actions using the thumb alone, it effectively saves a lot of tapping action. It is fast and well positioned for the thumb. Coupled with a great Swiss inspired design aesthetic, this definitely one of the must have Currency apps around.

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55% of mobile search in an hour


Based on an article from eConsultancy with regards to mobile searches, I too agree that most often or not people search for what they want on their mobile as their first intent. For example, you might want to visit a cafe but you can not remember the address or the opening hours, so the first thing you do you swipe your phone and start tapping your way on the apps and browser. Ideally, it used to be the intention of luring customers to your store and making use of great shopper marketing techniques to convert visits to sales but now with great mobile technology, it not only helps getting visitors to your shop, sales could be made almost instantly on the mobile device. Thus, making your shop a collection point even. It is therefore crucial to acknowledge that mobile search marketing is extremely effective for businesses. Hence, to capitalize on every moment of the search process, we study the pattern and user behavior of the individual smartphone users.

Based on the report by Google and Nielsen, it is reported that more than half of the searches actually resulted in a conversion. It could be either going to a store, calling up a business or even making a potential purchase. All these within an hour. This might just prove mobile search marketing as the most essential channel for marketers and business owners. Do not underestimate the power of mobile search.



Are you a LEGO fan? Apparently LEGO has launched the Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc set. Since I was a little boy, I have always wanted to get my hands on the ancient Vikings ship as well as the kingdom series. Always revel with the building fun of these interesting colorful bricks. Having visited the Art of Brick exhibition in Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore, I am so fascinated by how these little building blocks could make ideas turned to life.

Behind every designer at LEGO, there is a story in their work. As far as we could tell based on the video alone, we can see the 3 designers elaborating on their work of the Tower and it is evident they know the story of movie very well. LEGO has worked with great agencies worldwide rolling out very exciting and amazing campaigns. I remembered a LEGO augmented reality work from Miami Ad school. Check out the video below:

Below is a video of the NinjaGo battle iPhone app. I have been actively collecting the Ninjago series too! As a big fan of sensei Wu and the Golden Ninja, collecting the 4 headed dragon is mandatory. Oh it never fails to cheer me up.

The Star Wars Lego series has also been a big hit in the series. There are amazing details and great paint work for the individual LEGO characters. Some of my favorite series includes the Avengers, NinjaGo, CITY, Limited Edition Volkswagen, Space, Pirates of the Carribean and of course Star Wars

Come to think about it, wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to work for or work with the toy maker? I wonder how it is like to be a LEGO designer?

Weirdo with the glasses


TechCrunch published an article about Google glass by Mike Butcher. As we all know, the technology is an innovative product that would be a technology breakthrough. However, as we would have thought, the idea of speaking to the glasses is rather awkward and weird. In this article, Mike mentioned that people want to interact with one another but having the glasses on would require that you to speak to the glasses in order for an user action to take place. This causes breakdown on social interactions. For Google glass to appeal to the mass market, I believe there should be more improvements made.

Read more of the article here.


Volkswagen aims to attain higher twitter traction by launching a campaign centered around the idea of tweeting to stand a chance to win a Volkswagen Polo. A rather smart idea that leverages on the fact that everyone loves a Polo and with that passion and desire, people will definitely start tweeting in hopes of winning a Polo. This campaign has proven to be a success and has helped increase online traffic. Very simple idea, very effective work.

Draw it baby!


It is official. Draw Something 2, the highly anticipated app from Zynga was officially unveiled during the company’s earnings call on Wednesday. There are now more interesting ways to play as well as new drawing tools, patterns and textures. I could still recalled the time I started playing Draw Something 1. The graphics were really simple and easy to use. However, one of the downside I personally didn’t like was the drawing pen. If you have a rather fat thumb, you probably might have some difficulties using the pen to draw. From this video we could see the new version having a variety of tools that might just potentially solve this problem.

The game has also brought in social media integration where players can now not only follow friends, but also interesting and famous people. You now do not need to post your drawing on Facebook and have it shared and liked by your friends because these has already been in built as one of the core functions of the new app.

What makes this game a real success is the formula of marrying both engaging opportunities and fun elements in the app. With more upgraded tools, anyone can be an artist. People gain recognition from their fellow peers to have their drawings posted and complimented. This is overall a very impressive app.



Samsung S4 probably the best so far

Are you sporting the new S4 from Samsung? Well I am! Prior to the news of the S4 coming to town, I have been reading on new features that comes with the phone. Some of the interesting features that I believe are great enhancements includes the new camera features, the air gesture (movement detection) as well as many user centered functions.

I believe what is going to make this phone so much superior is not just its aggressive media and marketing campaigns, it is also primarily due to the phone’s human centered design functionality. Before I embarked on any client briefs, I always question myself if the product we are trying to sell, actually benefits the end user. Most of the time, a proper research and ample product findings will not only answer to that, it also helps in coming out with more essential usability functions. Remember the product is meant for the end users like you and me. If it does not excite you or amazes you, then I think it is back to the drawing board.

While the S4 is now making it’s waves into the market, let’s see what rival, Apple is planning under their sleeves. iPhone users out there, are you looking for the switch?


iBeetle2 iBeetle1-640x360

My hear skips a beat when I read this article. I was almost too excited by the news. The Shanghai Auto Show had Apple announcing it’s collaboration with German car manufacturer Volkswagen to launch the iBeetle Coup as well as the iBeetle Convertible. These two vehicles shall integrate with the iPhone! Amazing. Im excited because I too am a Volkswagen fan. Having owned the Volkswagen Passat myself, I acknowledged the great german technology and the fuel efficiency of most Volkswagen vehicles. Although I must say the beetle is slightly a tad more feminie for me, I am looking forward to more possible crossover designs between Apple and Volkswagen. Who knows there might be an iPassat CC or an iScirocco TSI? iGTI Golf?! Haha!

The main functions of this new innovative collaboration sports an iPhone docking station within the iBeetle itself. It allows the drivers to make hands-free calls, listen to music and perhaps many more iPhone insipired functions. As for the facade, the design is kept minimalistic in tune with Apple’s brand signature design identity. This iBeetle comes in candy white, black monochrome, deep black pearl effect, platinum grey, reflex silver and oryx white. Based on the images, the interior is what attracts me the most. Look at those beautiful black sporty leather seats, the nicely designed dash pad in grey tones as well as contrasting seams in cream. Woooot! Sexy!

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