Facebook changes its mind




Source: http://bit.ly/XEKcUn

Facebook has been reportedly working on a phone and Mark Zuckerberg has denied on numerous occasion on this project. But now it seems the Facebook phone is finally coming! Facebook has tag team with HTC on project ‘Myst’, the codename for this product operation. While Facebook remains quite a dominant app for most mobile users, it does not mean that users will be spending a large percentage of time on Facebook alone. Most people tend to spend their time on gaming while some would scroll through news apps. However, with this move, Facebook is effectively integrating their product into consumers’ daily mobile behavior permanently. It has a lot more to go than just being a mere phone. A good strategy I would say, but not a wise one for it’s product branding. No one has yet seen the phone, it is safe to assume not a lot of people who want to carry a mobile that shouts Facebook big time. Think again, Mark. How would you brand your product?

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