You got 5 secs.


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TVCs in asia aren’t really interesting to the extend it could refrain one from touching that remote or replacing that with smartphone or tablet. Living in Singapore, I personally do not enjoy TV ads on my local station. The ads in Singapore lacks great story-lines and mostly end up in bad taste. However, I do believe many times creative agencies aren’t entirely at fault for producing crappy commercials. Clients do play apart on the overall quality of the ad. I remember Creative Director, Luke Sullivan once quoted someone saying “Clients these days deserve the ads they deserved”. Honestly, with the unnecessary restrictions, weird company policies and sometimes unclear marketing objectives from clients often leads to boring and unpolished ads. Remember, a TVC is just like telling a story. Except it is usually story in seconds. You got 5 seconds to get your audience excited because people want to relate to a story be it sad, humorous or interesting. But the initial 5 seconds in my opinion is your key for a longer consumer engagement later. So tell your story faster.


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