Everything Your Phone Isn’t



Adage published an article about how HTC intends to market its up and coming phone –  the HTC First. With an interesting tagline tied to campaign launch; “Everything Your Phone Isn’t”. I personally love how bold this declaration is. It for once targets a segment of audience who would love to be different and experimental. Imagine the hardcore die hard fans of Apple iPhones trying to make the switch. These days, having an iPhone is actually ‘safe’ rather than ‘different’. The article also highlights how HTC plan to market the phone and in a phrase by phrase manner, it is actually very concise and HTC’s VP-Marketing Ms Erin McGee is poised on making this possible.

She mentioned an addenda of efficacious marketing strategies that aroused my interest. Here are some of the essential ones that I would like to share:

Define Target Audience 
1. She showed that HTC’s preferred Target Audience are the moniker for tech-savvy, early-adopting millennials.

Hardware/Technology Boost 
2. Teaming up with hi-end audio equipment manufacturer Beats as well as concert production company, Live Nation. This provides the HTC phones with extremely powerful sound system that renders the S4s’ inferior.

Integrated Advertising
3. HTC One’s ads will now be taken TTL (Through the Line) from print seamlessly to digital.

Strategic Media Planning 
4. Ms. McGee has also did her homework on the behaviours and preferences of her desired target audience. She added that they are movie-goers. With that, she would target her ads at theaters for a great impact. A great strategy she had used that I felt would be extremely effective is her strategic placement of ads to advertise during “irreverent, edgy TV programming” such as Adult Swim, a comedy block under Turner’s Cartoon Network.

Celebrity Endorsements 
5. Ms. McGee has also tie in celebrity like rapper Pharrell in New York City and indie rock band Grouplove in Chicago.

I think these are pretty much well thought of marketing approaches. I believe one of the greater effects that should also complement this marketing campaign would be the use of Social Media marketing. Having more influencers and raising profiles with tech blogs will definitely go a further mile.


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