Not always Mobile-First please

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As technology advances together with the raising demands of the consumers, the market is swarm with a repertoire of mobile apps. This article speaks a lot of sense in what is happening around the globe right now. People are starting to move towards starting off an idea or campaign driven by apps and leveraging on its popular demand as one of the driving factors to a great campaign. While I do not deny the fact that apps are increasingly changing people’s lives and their mobile behaviors, I strongly recommend creatives to not jump the gun and dive straight for it. There is just once too many occasions we tend to take what comes to mind first. There could be an excitement that you cannot contain. Perhaps you have been yearning to do an app that could possibly impact the world and you saw this opportunity and you thought, yes i am going to do just that. You start taking up your pencil and doodle not the idea, but the user journey.

Bear in mind, the mobile experience is not delivered solely through apps. The native browser on very phone serves as a potential web surfing tool with it’s in built capabilities. This article had R/GA’s executive explaining how as technology advances, the web experience is getting richer and marketers should learn to leverage on this and enrich the content surfing experience on the mobile.

While I have always believe the lesser the amount of click throughs, the higher your chance of getting a better usability and experience. Apps are still required for the user to download and configure prior to actual usage. While for web, the user can simply on the browser and start surfing. So, be it an app or a mobile website, they both have their pros and cons. The challenge lies in harnessing the ability to determine which application best suit the client’s marketing objectives.

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