Apple tops the Brand chart



Apple has once again proven its ability to win consumers and garner their loyal following. A survey by consumer analytics experience company, ClickFox has reported that consumers are very comfortable making purchases and taking Apple as their first brand of choice when it comes to electronics. Personally, I think a lot of time people make impulsive decisions but it is the experience they get whether it is online or offline that actually trigger them to do so. ClickFox’s research reports that a lot of time incentives can drive the loyalty factor up. Brand quality, ease of usage and other interesting factors contribute to decision making for consumers. As such, I have always emphasized to clients that your First Impressions DOES matter a lot. See, you really have one chance to make this happen because if the customer turn away and proceed to another brand, the chance of a return customer is as good as zero. Then, you need a strategy to win customers over and that is altogether another ball game.

The first purchase of your brand is very significant to decide if the customer would stay loyal to you. Base on their experience of using your product coupled with the service your brand provides, it is the essence to build great brand loyalty. Remember, you need a presence and a fan base before you can see through your efforts to build a platform for it. Otherwise, advertising dollars are spent in futile.

“According to the survey, 57% of consumers are focused on price while 43% are less focused on price when switching and selecting brands.” – ClickFox.

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