Print leads to Mobile


Wow. Believe it a not, at this age, it is not about how much work you can do on one channel of advertising. You NEED to understand that there is an abundant of resources out there that you could leverage on to achieve your marketing needs. If one channels leads to another, and you know for sure it does, I say GO AHEAD. Research firm, Forrester reports that more people actually downloads an app based on an ad they chanced upon on a newspaper or magazine as compared to seeing one on their own phone.

While the figures suggest directly that print medium is still of essence for influencing the decision of a user to download your app, it also means it is vital that in the initial process of brainstorming that you consider print as part of the integrated channels of advertising.

“Yes, the figure for mobile advertising is low,” says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson. “But bear in mind that the question people answered was: ‘Thinking about the apps that you have downloaded and now use on your mobile phone, how did you initially learn about those apps?’.

“It doesn’t mean mobile ad is not necessary or efficient. On the contrary, it is usually more efficient than using offline channels, since there is no gap in media use. It is just the early days for mobile advertising and more targeted and contextualised ads, as well as new formats, will foster the use of ads as a discovery mechanism.”

What’s shocking to me is mobile advertising was second to last out of 12 methods of app discover. So do not neglect any possible channel that might give you potential exposure to drive engagement for your consumers and brand.

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