Ronaldo the Adman?


Ronaldo, the soccer legend is now officially having a joint venture with WPP to start a sports marketing agency 9ine. Amazing. It has never come across my mind that WPP would be leveraging on the contacts and popularity of a soccer player to launch a creative agency within the player’s possible network.

Ronaldo is expecting to spend more time with WPP management such as Rainey Kelly Campell Roalfe, Ben Kay and MediaCom chief executive Karen Blackett. He is actively looking for new business for this venture with WPP.

A WPP spokesman said: “WPP has a longstanding relationship with Ronaldo through 9ine, our joint venture in Brazil.

 It seem that Ronaldo will be developing new businesses for 9ine, the sports marketing agency. He plans to have some time with the companies under WPP to learn the possible marketing and creative work processes.

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