iBeetle2 iBeetle1-640x360

My hear skips a beat when I read this article. I was almost too excited by the news. The Shanghai Auto Show had Apple announcing it’s collaboration with German car manufacturer Volkswagen to launch the iBeetle Coup as well as the iBeetle Convertible. These two vehicles shall integrate with the iPhone! Amazing. Im excited because I too am a Volkswagen fan. Having owned the Volkswagen Passat myself, I acknowledged the great german technology and the fuel efficiency of most Volkswagen vehicles. Although I must say the beetle is slightly a tad more feminie for me, I am looking forward to more possible crossover designs between Apple and Volkswagen. Who knows there might be an iPassat CC or an iScirocco TSI? iGTI Golf?! Haha!

The main functions of this new innovative collaboration sports an iPhone docking station within the iBeetle itself. It allows the drivers to make hands-free calls, listen to music and perhaps many more iPhone insipired functions. As for the facade, the design is kept minimalistic in tune with Apple’s brand signature design identity. This iBeetle comes in candy white, black monochrome, deep black pearl effect, platinum grey, reflex silver and oryx white. Based on the images, the interior is what attracts me the most. Look at those beautiful black sporty leather seats, the nicely designed dash pad in grey tones as well as contrasting seams in cream. Woooot! Sexy!

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