Samsung S4 probably the best so far

Are you sporting the new S4 from Samsung? Well I am! Prior to the news of the S4 coming to town, I have been reading on new features that comes with the phone. Some of the interesting features that I believe are great enhancements includes the new camera features, the air gesture (movement detection) as well as many user centered functions.

I believe what is going to make this phone so much superior is not just its aggressive media and marketing campaigns, it is also primarily due to the phone’s human centered design functionality. Before I embarked on any client briefs, I always question myself if the product we are trying to sell, actually benefits the end user. Most of the time, a proper research and ample product findings will not only answer to that, it also helps in coming out with more essential usability functions. Remember the product is meant for the end users like you and me. If it does not excite you or amazes you, then I think it is back to the drawing board.

While the S4 is now making it’s waves into the market, let’s see what rival, Apple is planning under their sleeves. iPhone users out there, are you looking for the switch?

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