55% of mobile search in an hour


Based on an article from eConsultancy with regards to mobile searches, I too agree that most often or not people search for what they want on their mobile as their first intent. For example, you might want to visit a cafe but you can not remember the address or the opening hours, so the first thing you do you swipe your phone and start tapping your way on the apps and browser. Ideally, it used to be the intention of luring customers to your store and making use of great shopper marketing techniques to convert visits to sales but now with great mobile technology, it not only helps getting visitors to your shop, sales could be made almost instantly on the mobile device. Thus, making your shop a collection point even. It is therefore crucial to acknowledge that mobile search marketing is extremely effective for businesses. Hence, to capitalize on every moment of the search process, we study the pattern and user behavior of the individual smartphone users.

Based on the report by Google and Nielsen, it is reported that more than half of the searches actually resulted in a conversion. It could be either going to a store, calling up a business or even making a potential purchase. All these within an hour. This might just prove mobile search marketing as the most essential channel for marketers and business owners. Do not underestimate the power of mobile search.

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