Children into Apps


Younger people are generally more interested in visuals than plain text. Culture influences people’s learning habits and adaptability to their environments. As brands start to invest more of their marketing and advertising budgets for their communication platforms, it becomes very significant to spend some really quality time on researches and feedbacks through crowdsourcing. And, among the time spent, a very essential part of the process must be invested to understand user behavior. Thus, a great human centered communication work will arise to meet the increasing need in demand for the product.

The younger generation, surrounded by Apple, Samsung, Macdonalds and all other great brands out there have learn to apperciate what they have saw and love it for the way it is one way or another. We have to embrace the fact that the younger generation are generally more attracted to technology these days like mobile and tablet apps. Australian children have been using apps at a prevalent rate that is even more than gaming consoles.

It is reported that out of 10 children, 7 would use apps. They would use the apps on their smartphones and tablets. At the same time sharing the content with their parents and siblings. This also shows that interaction takes place with the ones you love because many times, you are using or browsing the mobile while waiting for someone or beside somebody. The power of word will then leverage on this aspect of mobile, thus making viral almost an instant possibility. Another highly maximized device would be the tablets. Not only is the tablet a portable device, its larger than mobile screen size gives more possibilities for interaction to take place. It is also far more easier to interact with your kid using the tablet as compared to the smaller screen from the mobile.

The rapid explosion and boom in the short period of a just a few years has seen how younger generation are accessing data online through innovative devices on the go. We see many different ways where we could feed data to our consumers but clearly mobile has been of the highest impact so far.

A recent survey also point out a rather interesting fact that children and young people usually spend more time on the internet gaming as well as video watching. Compared to social networking, videos are a much more consumable media.

Popularity for console games and desktop PCs has dropped dramatically and has been slowly replaced by mobile.

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