Try and shall know

Another brilliant work from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi worth mentioning. This campaign allows Hummus Alcha, Israel’s No.2 packaged hummus brand to reach out to larger group of people through real product testing. But done tastefully with a great consumer experience. One of the key formulas that is has been used since the 90s involved the idea of giving people something without telling them first and then revealed the secret to the magic only to their astonishment. This gives the brand a chance to reach out to the audience, avoiding prejudice, criticisms and any comparison competition. The brand opened Avi’s Hummus, an authentic-looking hummus restaurant to get people talking about it. It attracted a lot of diners and started the idea of “pay by taste”. Diners were asked to pay according to how much they think the meal deserved. This caught a lot of attention including the media and it soon went viral. After two weeks, the stunt was exposed to the people and launched on TV, print and internet as well as social media revealing the actual formula to this well received hummus restuarant. Indeed, another excellent delivery by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi.


I am level 60 and I want to hire you.

A really fun and interesting way to recruit your employee. Saatchi & Saatchi BBR hires their potential employees from the best through the best channel. Using the popular Diablo 3 as it’s platform to hunt for their guy, the CEO participates in the hunt and portrays his willingness to get the best talent. Admirable, I would say. This again illustrates an agency’s creative and extra thought efforts to recruit the best talents. The CEO went on and got his character leveled to 60 and throws off a viral video for recruitment. Very exciting and innovative.

Sharing just got better

Coca Cola’s has always been creative on all their marketing and advertising campaigns. And for this summer, it is no surprise. The Coke Social Can now comes in your usual container, except you can split it into two. Pretty cool huh? I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea. By twisting the can, you could remove the top off and thus, allow you to pass the bottom half, which is a container cup to another friend. You could then pour your coke from the top half into the bottom half and share it!

I particularly like how Coca Cola embrace the idea of harmony and sharing amongst people. You see, by making an effort to do something nice every time, it potentially keeps your brand in the memory span of people. Every one of us has a limited ‘present’ brain function that particularly remembers things that happen currently up till perhaps a day or so. To constantly be placed at this spectrum of the mind, one must do things that provoke and instill values. Its kind of like bumping up a thread on the forum or constantly appearing on the news feed of a social platform. No matter how many times you appear, if your content is crap, people wouldn’t care much. The great strategy Coca Cola adopted in my opinion is to intermittently distract us away from our busy selfish rat race lifestyle by throwing such interesting fun loving campaigns.

Great work there by folks and friends from Ogilvy Singapore! Naiiisssseeee!!!

S4 Mini?

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That is correct. Samsung is launching their Galaxy S4 Mini. Following the success of iPad mini, it does not feel surprising to have more and more tech companies embarking on their ‘mini’ projects. We should now witness the proliferation of such devices flooding the market soon. How about Motorola Razr Mini? Speaking of which Motorola is also announcing it’s Moto X project in Texas.

The new S4 Mini is said to be equipped with a mid-range specs in order to gain more reach to a larger consumer pool. Samsung has previously used this marketing strategy to garner off enough users off the Galaxy S3 Mini and have therefore, decided to adopt it again. One of the benefits of having a huge cash flow is that it allows a brand to do whatever it pleases as long as it makes business sense. We can already see how Samsung is marketing their smartphone in the market. Primarily by saturating the market with as many of their products as possible and reaching out to the different tiers of users. Having one phone that is trademark but different versions of it to suit different individuals is an excellent choice of strategy. You now give everyone a phone that yells your brand name but truly customized to suit their needs. What do you know? For the first time, everyone will be happy to own the same phone. Well, in this instance, I would say not entirely the same. Proven to be highly successful, Samsung’s market saturation tactics has place a lot of their competitors in cold sweat. Simply because this is rather intimidating for other phone brands with a less diverse range of product line.

The S4 Mini has a 4.3″ sHD super AMOLED display and is really a good solution to users who do not appreciate the big and bulkiness of the S4. The S4 Mini comes with a 1.7 GHz dual-core chip, 8GB internal memory and 1.5GB of RAM. It has a rear camera that is 8 megapixels coupled with a front-facing lens at 1.9 megapixels. To make it more competitive, the phone comes with both 4G, 3G and dual-SIM to suit the different market needs.

This is definitely a great deal for many users out there. The features that comes along with the phone is also pretty much close to the S4 and supports a large variety of functions with a smaller arsenal of of software services. I am looking forward to the sales record and the marketing campaigns that will follow after this report.

Virtua Cards


A great way to create something new is to change what’s old with what’s new. Still sending mails through beautiful postcards and licking those stamps? Well, if you enjoy doing that, you are missing out on the digital side of fun. ‘Felt’, an innovative app allows you to send out handwritten cards with the help of digital technology. This app basically allows users to select from a spectrum of card designs and then allowing them to customize their cards with a handwritten message. Users actually write with their hands on the iPad instead of typing it out the mechanical way. Pretty cool isn’t it? Even the postage details on the envelopes are handwritten just like how you would like to get all nostalgic about the good old fashion way of sending postcards. Once the card is completed, Felt actually print your handwriting onto the real cards and envelops and then ships it to the recipient. An app that gives you that fun of keeping whats old by using what’s new.


Start Stop again?

Following Audi’s Start Stop app to assist phone users to save battery life, Volkswagen has come out with an app that allows user to stop the video they are watching simply by turning their heads away. Video as I have mentioned is probably the most consumed media now so it is not surprising that many advertisers are turning their attention into creating effective campaigns revolving around video platforms online. Of course, following the success of Audi and also taking into account many of the innovative ideas from Samsung’s S4, the technology of stoping and starting videos with head gestures are not anything new either.

Sure, this app sounds cool and feels cool. It would be convenient to have it as it does help. However, I feel the effectiveness of this app is still questionable. I do not think it is justifiable or much necessary to have an app like this. This would be a great idea if it could work harder. What if the app could also serve other purposes through facial gestures? Up the volume through the twitch of your eyebrow? Haha, I think all that would make the app more functional.

Awesome USB Can

Chanced upon this brilliant idea for Gladiator, an energy drink in Brazil. What you could do now is to scan your can and get it to virtually store data. The idea was to tackle the immediate problem of having to search for a flash drive or storage device in times of crisis. On top of that, to promote the drink as a daily necessity for busy office commuters, the winning creative formula is to marry both the USP and the NSP (Necessary Selling Proposition : Yes, I come up with that myself)!

Here’s how it works: Log on to the website, connect to Facebook. There you can launch the app which basically allows you to scan your can through the computer’s camera. Then you get access to upload files on to your computer which is then stored virtually in this USB can. You can then unlock this by scanning the can again on another computer. Interestingly enough, you can’t leave the can so you might as well scan first, drink it while your on the way to the next meeting and then scan it to get your files before dumping that can away.

This is again a very innovative idea that would prove some what useful instead of all flash without the work. Nice work there!

Blogging for more


If you haven’t been blogging or taking it seriously, then you might want to reconsider doing so. For most businesses out there, blogging is considered one of the top priorities in driving more traffic to their site as well as generating leads at the same time. There are a lot of possibilities that blogging would benefit businesses.

Building a blog creates several possible factors that would generate business. Ideally, we would like to convey the brand’s recent activities and marketing objectives on our site but as with most blogs, there are room for feedbacks and this is also a potential interaction channel for the business itself. Hearing your audience, giving them a chance to voice out is a form of respect. It displays the brand’s willingness to listen at the same time taking note of consumer preferences. This builds credibility and thought leadership in the long run.

On top of that, blogging would also create a certain pattern that influences others to do the same. People will talk about your credibility and compliment the brand on their site, through their conversational channels online or even directly on your blog. This would indefinitely boost the business as a whole.

Several surveys indicated that blogging impacts a lot on the voice and view of consumers over the digital landscape. A survey by HubSpot reports that businesses with an active and well maintained blog has potential to generate on an average of 88% more leads than those who did not blog. I am sure lead generation is one of the toughest aspect of the business for most brands. Why not invest this little time to build your rapport with possible future clients? After all, take this as a little courtship to date your bait.

Check out the infographic below:

Starting-a-blog-for-business click here for a detailed view.

The power of Gamification


A recent study has indicated that the best way a mobile game player would find their game of choice is through word of mouth. What’s interesting is this process need not necessarily come from in-person discussion about the games. All the online talk and chatter about the game is enough to convert a potential gamer. It is extremely effective and convincing.

As you would know the famous app, Candy Crush is well played by so many gamers worldwide. You could even have started playing it after seeing someone played it on the train, your mom playing it on her phone or your close peers swapping those candies whenever they had some free time to spare. 36% of users reported that their major source of games was based on the hearing of their friend or family members. The other 25% of users said it was direct influence after witnessing a friend or family play a game.

This indicates the power of the process of showing someone how fun it is and the convincing factor through seeing how fun the game was. A lot of marketing campaigns have leveraged on the power of gamification to launch several interesting engagement activities and achieved great success. Do not underestimate the power of gamification and how it can generate the desired user interaction.


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