Google NOW


As the name implies, you get what you need like… NOW. A great technology that Google has came up with and is now available for download. This app packed a lot of great capabilities so much so, making your phone an absolute personal assistant. What Google NOW does is that it gives you information and data pertaining to anticipatory actions that  you might be planning to take depending on your location, time or activity. It sure sounds rather creepy, but I assure you that this might just come in handy on your next road trip, business trips or even a great night out with your partner.

You just arrived at the airport awaiting for your flight and you probably could have use another app or browse through the flight’s digital screens in the airport to check your timing. Then you realize before you had to do anything, Google NOW’s cards might just informed you that your flight had just been delayed. Thus, saving you time and leaving you mentally prepared for a nice breakfast in the meantime. Best of all, as you scroll through the series of cards, it will prompt you with great information and data that might just influence your next decision. Knowing that flight is delayed it prompts you for a nice breakfast at one of the nicer cafes around. And the third card probably showed you your boarding pass information.

The great thing about the app is that it works silently in the background subtlety, not disturbing you. Therefore, not interrupting your mobile routines. One of the factors for a great utility app of this nature is no doubt it’s respect for privacy as well as it’s non-disprutive nature. People hate to be interrupted by ads, moving banners or even pushed messaging. It’s like your two year old pestering you while you read your favorite book.

I like how Google is investing it’s time on learning and helping it’s users through their life activities making daily routines less mundane and more effective. It has successfully integrate both technology and experience. Comparatively, I would like to see how Apple would like to counter propose users with something better. I am considering an iOS to Android switch.

Apple, show us what you have got. Otherwise, I would safely deduce that Google is unrivaled when it comes to cutting-edge technology beyond great hardware and superb design.

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