Toyko Symphony 3D Projection

This is literally breathtaking. Previously I had posted what I personally feel  about 3D projection and how it will bring us to a next new level of aesthetics and possibly creative exposure. Now, we have a mapping on a scale that is 1:1000. This is far from crazy. The Tokyo City Symphony was created in conjunction of the 10 year celebration for Roppongi Hills. Themed ‘Love Tokyo’, it allows people to understand and appreciate Tokyo at a whole new level where aesthetics and technology is concerned. The website allows you literally control and play your symphony through the 3D Projections with the use of your keyboard.

The build is very complicated and detailed. Projection has been widely used in most exhibitions and is probably the most creative form of execution. Like the previous Volkswagen Golf light projection mapping, the technology allow so much fun and innovative ways of casting light. This forms a new art form. Can we consider light projection as a new art media? Yes, I think it already is.

This is totally amazing. Go ahead, try your fun here.


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