Print is Dead?


Reports indicate that digital advertising is on the rise and has effectively triumph over print advertising. The results are somewhat staggering with Google alone championing the scene with it’s ad revenue more than the entire print revenue in the US combined. Both the combination of magazines and newspapers could not matched Google’s online revenue. We can conclude print is a media that no longer takes its long standing position as the most lucrative media. However, being a creative director, I do not see print as dead. It is now sharing the pie with digital when marketers now learn to effectively work their ad dollars around the available media to use. The ability to harness both print and digital will indefinitely produce greater results.

Provide your consumers with both print and digital communications to engage them in a seamless brand experience. The ability to generate conversations lies in both online and offline. When it comes to generating ideas for effective campaigns, I have learnt that a great idea provides a strong creative angle where you can see from both a digital or print point of view. It is versatile and effective. Another worthy point to remember about print would be most of the time, companies have got their design and branding solutions being the essential marketing tools which requires print media for their production.

Print, in my opinion is not dead.

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