Talking dance moves

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at PM 11.14.46

Can’t believe my eyes Im seeing how words are now communicated through actions. Funny as it may seemed, PUMA is inventing a new digital language but this time in the form of dance. This is PUMA’s marketing efforts to promote the new PUMA Sync Fragrances for men and women. Using the dance moves to speak for themselves, encrypting all the words into dance moves through the online webspace. This in my opinion is unique content that deserve the talking space on media. One of the essential points to note when producing good campaign work is to remember the big question: “Am I producing something so different that my work be a talking point on media?” Many times we think it does but the true may not be the same. This is definitely an interesting creative work. Visit the website for PUMA dance dictionary here. Great work from Grey London.

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