The AV of AR


As we all know, AR is not a new technology but it still does wonders when it comes to interactivity. As Audi launches their Audi Vision platform to cater for consumers to engage with their product through app, it virtually hopes to achieve bringing the brand experience to life. Every detail including the pricing, specification guides and even the sound of the engine can be heard. The entire product brochure can be viewed simply but just taking a snap shot of the product brochure. This interesting approach takes away the boring mundane way of browsing print collaterals.

However, what sets me wondering is WHY the existence of a print collateral? What if we could scan an Audi vehicle and actually launch a product brochure with details of that exact car’s model? Example, we happen to see an Audi on the road and using the app, it would recognize the car and pulls out details of the car together with all existing product brochures and videos of it. That would bring the technology one notch higher than this.

I think the Audi Vision is a great project but it could be further improved with a ready app like what I mentioned earlier. That way, consumers would see a more interesting need to have the app staying in their phones. They would update the app often to get the latest information of new car arrivals in their app. Who knows some information pertaining to the new model would only unlock if you scan the vehicle? And they could easily be scanning any Audis on the road and receive the data they want. That not only drives consumer engagement, it also provides content for social. A true hardcore Audi fan would definitely appreciate that.

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