NFC that Trek!

Outdoor has always been a great medium to leverage on in terms of advertising for mass commuters. Marketers now learn to combine that with technology to enhance the brand experience. With mobile marketing on the rise, we could create outlandish marketing ideas to further engage our audiences. Paramount Pictures has recently leverage on the NFC features of smartphones to allow airport visitors to access exclusive Star Trek movie content via the tapping of their smartphones.

The usage of NFC allows user to tap their phones to obtain material on the go. It is vital to understand that NFC does not require the user to download apps or any other softwares. The amount of efforts is thus reduced and making it even easier now for commuters to gain content. With a clever headline – “The Future Is In Your Hands’, it encourages people to unlock the possible content simply through the tapping of their NFC-enabled smartphone through Captain Kirk’s (Captain of Enterprise ship) communicator.

It is without a doubt that both OOH campaigns and mobile smartphones work very well together. With a big franchise like Start Trek, there are bound to be a large number of fans who would go this extreme mile in doing so. This approach allows the company to engage their fans and convert them to loyal fans as well. 

By tapping the communicator with an NFC-enabled phone, users are able to unlock a custom mobile experience that includes exclusive video content.

The campaign targets airport visitors as they often have some extra time on their hands while waiting for a flight and providing them with content related to a movie that many are interested is a good way to drive further interest and ultimately ticket sales.

Star Trek also makes sense for an effort such as this because the films typically feature many high-tech devices.

The seamless experience of NFC technology is definitely one of the possible way to make an out-of-home display interactive.



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