Socially WRONG

One of the biggest mistake a brand would ever commit is trying to ignore your customers’ feedbacks. And that is a grave one I must warn you. Recently, McDonalds Singapore has ran a campaign giving out Hello Kitty fairy tale characters. While the idea of giving away cute toys as incentives isn’t that bad a marketing initiative, the tricky part happens to be in this case, your social engagement should the plan FAILED. As stocks for the Kitties seem to have fallen short massively compared to the estimated target, many customers were not able to redeem their gift upon purchase. This caused a major resentment amongst the fans who meant to get what they came for.

The whole idea is to order the Extra Value Meal through the McDelivery service online and you get to then pay S$4.60 for the Kitty of the week. Now this could be potentially dangerous because you risk disrupting your online delivery service if orders are massive and would then jammed the service, making it difficult for people who simply just wish to order a happy meal. And it happened. Looking through McDonald Singapore’s facebook, I seen 3000 over comments on the post for the promotion and a lot of furious customer complaints about this lack of service.

Not only were there no response nor comments from McDonalds, it strikes me as a surprise that the company actually deleted some of the critical comments posted. Wow, I guess the most crucial part of social is to really engage and interact with your customers. Not shutting your door on them. I believe this is truly a lack of great management for their social channels as well as their marketing operations. Singapore is a rather small island and delivery services are one of the important source of revenues for most F&B restaurants. This catastrophic marketing promotion will definitely impact McDonalds Singapore’s delivery revenue greatly.

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