Are you one of the ladies who often do your makeup while you are driving? People know how dangerous it is to do that, yet they are still doing it. Making this a dangerous habit. Here is a really funny stunt by MINI Mexico. Airbags are placed in toilets beside the mirror where women do their makeup. It then attracts their attention by giving it a nasty explosion! A really cool stunt to pull off but I have to say, I am in doubts with regards to the effectively of the stunt.

Upon explosion, you could then see the message which is printed on the airbag. I believe most people would take a scare, laugh on it and totally forget about it. This execution would have taken quite a bit of social attention online and albeit it’s really cool way of attracting attention, it is in my opinion not effective imprinting the message across. It could have been done in a series of events leading from the cubicles with subtle copy messages before the finale at the mirror. A step by step messaging that leads to final explosion. That way, it tells a complete story and allows for a longer memory hook but yet keeping the surprise element intact.

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