What mobile can do for you is unimaginable



SONTE-Film-Dining-Room-Off SONTE-Film-Dining-Room-On

An innovative tech article on Mashable caught my attention today. We are witnessing the use of mobile phones to yet another level of our daily life routines. Kickstarter never fails to awe me with great innovative start ups all the time. North California startup SONTE has created an innovative way of using our traditional window covers. This time round, with the use of technology, you get a Wi-Fi enabled window film! The entire idea is let you switch between clear and opaque modes via a simple smartphone app. All just in your finger tips. SONTE is raising funds(currently at $200K) to expand their facilities, team as well as productions. SONTE now has films that provides UV protection which also has projector screen capabilities. How sweet a deal is that? These great films will definitely be of great use for interior designs for both residential and commercial housings. Apart from the influence mobile already has on our lives in social and web, I am starting to see that mobile as a fuel to our lives in the near future.

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