The World’s most advanced Street Sign

One of the things that fascinates me the most is the creation of great technological inventions that enriches our lives and make the world a better place to live in. Breakfast New York has just created this really cool work which they can be proud to say it is The World’s most Advanced Street Sign. The project which they themed ‘Points’, is a street sign with really cool features. It also has a rather sleek look to it. The street sign is actually socially connected, which means it can display pretty much information from the social world and transmit that information on the street sign itself. So now, it not only brings you information, it also gives you directions and adjusts itself as the day goes by. You can even select from the menu on the street sign for tweets, coffee or dinner! Impressive technology with display from 16,000 LEDs across the 3 full directional arms.

Will there be more features to come? This question pops up as I was admiring the work through the video. I began to ask if there could be more added features. What if the street sign could be a wifi point for people to tap in and surf their smartphones? What if there were a power point for cyclist to charge their electric powered bikes? What if it is placed in the middle of the business district and it displays the current stock xchange? There are still a lot to be done and more creative ways to execute this interesting idea. This is after all, a great idea that opens up many possibilities for us.

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