Beer bottle that sings.

Not often the world has something which we can proudly announce as the first, but today we do have one: The world’s first playable beer bottle introduced to us by Beck’s in New Zealand. This is part of their Record Label project which they created with the guys at Shine. A lot of good work often start off with inspirations of things and works that people in the past has done and how we can make it even better. To create something new from what’s old is another form of great creativity. Thomas Edison’s cylindrical phonograph was the source of inspiration for the commencent of the work. Beck’s is attempting to merge technology in the 19th Century with music in the current 21st Century. This beer bottle seem to the object for this bridge between music, technology and heritage!

Designers, inventors and creators often seek inspirations from the detritus of the past and through research, understandings and trials, they manage to reinvent newer things. Today, we have a beautifully created beer bottle crafted to perfection for the music it brings to our ears and the nice taste of beer from Beck’s.

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