Instagram with video capability

instagram-logo1 Video-Coming-to-Instagram-to-the-Delight-of-Mobile-Marketers-300x168

An app is just like any other product which has a life span of it’s own. While it is arguably true that Instagram has been losing its edge over to Vine(an app that allows user to record 6 second videos), it still has a compelling audience in Asia. Apart from Instagram’s 100million users, it remains as one of the dominating app when it comes to photo-sharing and social media. Check out more of Instagram’s stats here. Facebook shall be revealing their new and enhanced version of Instagram with video capturing features as part of the repertoire of functions to come along. Very exciting I would say. Following the success of Vine’s popular video recording function, it is definitely a good competitive move to equip Instagram with similar capabilities.

A good and relevant point to note.
“Instragram could become an incredibly powerful resource for marketers if used correctly,” says Tarran Meyers of Dolber Marketing. “The addition of video to Instagram would give advertisers an opportunity to better engage with consumers in a creative and comfortable manner that feels informal despite the advertorial overtones of the content presented.”
[taken from here]

As an Instagram user, I must say I am thrill to see the new Instagram app and the features that comes along.

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