Rando? Interesting…


Have you heard of the app, Rando? London-based app design studio ustwo has recently launched an experimental app that is rather interesting. This app eschews all creative and design conventions that you would actually find in most apps. Upon reading up more about ustwo, I develop a keen interest in the work they have produced so far. A rather edgy and unique agency with a good combination of creativity and a nonconformist attitude. Rando allows users to take a picture and have it sent across another part of the globe without knowing who you have actually sent to. Your only hint is that your picture has been mysteriously viewed by somebody in another part of the world! Here is a description of the app taken from their web:

“Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform. Give, receive and collect unique photos from random people from all over the world. A rando must be sent for one to be received. It’s about gifting rather than sharing. You will never know who received the rando, they will never know who sent it. You will know the location of where it landed, the receiver will know where in the world it was taken. Build your rando collection with unique cultural sights from around the world. We deliberately haven’t incorporated social features into the application. No likes, no comments, no direct communication.

Just Rando.”

I often had the opportunity to work with great brilliant junior creative teams who are hungry and aspires a lot to do really unique work. One of the few pointers to note when coming out with such ideas is to create controversy and debate among your audience. And through that, you would inevitably provoke and spark their debate. Amazingly, ustwo not only developed such an interesting ‘anti-social’ app, they also rolled a campaign that sparks controversy and creates topics among the community. And their creative message? A very provocative claim to the public: You have no friends and No one likes you. Check out the video below:

Well, I am all pumped up to download this app and start experimenting this quirky app!

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