Children FOR SALE

An ad can aim to draw attention by means of the impact it triggers to the end viewer. Sometimes we do not need out of this world visual effects or zany jokes to grab people’s attention. What we can do is really simple: Be truthful and be the bad guy. Show the viewer what the bad guy does in the most crude manner ever possible. Bring these sins to light. An ad campaign by KBS+P for World Vision Canada drives the message that ‘No child should ever be for sale’. They ran the two videos portraying young children as products to be sold using direct response TV style of pitching and this crude way have raise quite a bit of attention. The host of the videos introduces the young children’s name and how much you can drive these children to work long hours with exceptionally low wages. Disgusting as you might think, but I assure you this message is very real. There are many unfortunate children going through this notion.

So, do you think this is a powerful way to convey the message? Feel free to give your comments.

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