the Toy Rider

Street trials rider Danny MacAskill demonstrates his mad riding skills in this brand new film where he is seen as a toy rider in a child’s world. He has been concentrating most of his videos and projects on locations and journeys, but this time you see his world as a kid and how it has always been for him as a rider. Interesting way to illustrate the thrills and joy of being a bike rider.

Positioning yourself as another
I think one of the interesting approaches to adopt when selling a product is to portray it from another angle using another product. Have you ever challenged yourself if your product can be fit into another product category? If you could, then there is a potential to give the concept a little twist to create the interest factor. In this case, Danny portray himself as a toy and making use of the imaginary world of a child’s mind and how it would make his dream come true. By doing so, he brings his audience closer to his imagination, letting them experience his train of thoughts. A powerful way to convey his message through the use of a less conventional approach. 

Check out more of the behind the scenes making as well as the Imaginate web here.


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