Technology on food

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Merging technology with the food you eat, could sound rather intimidating you might say. But I assured you it is not. Interestingly, QR codes and it’s applications have been on the rise. This is also a sign that the technology is getting prevalent and as more and more consumers are starting to be tech savvy, they sought to their mobile for advice, tips and solutions. Taking this as an opportunity, Harney Sushi’s chief, Robert Ruiz decides to name each of the sushi with edible QR-codes. The codes store information about the respective sushi. It would provide information with regards to the origins of the fish as well as the other ingredients. Thus, letting the customers be more informed of what they are eating. He describes the process as printing the the sushi with water-based ink on rice wafers with the same inking that is used for birthday cakes. It is evident that we have once again witness another innovative approach on technology and seeing it change our daily routines. Of course, we ask the question again; “Is this approach relevant?” Let me know what you think of this new way to consume sushi.

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