Stop violence


Creativity can be exercised everywhere on any medium. As a creative, never despair every time you are handed a brief for jobs that are either too small or regarded as “bread & butter” (daily bill paying jobs). You can always turn a mundane brief into one that is creative and effective. A clever use of a medium is how it is strategically placed to convey the message and not solely by interacting or communicating with the audience alone.

Advertising agency, Whybin TBWA NZ has illustrated this example with a job for SHINE (Safer Homes in NZ Everyday) NZ. They recently created this thermochromic ink beer coaster which detects the cold beer that is place on top and reacts to it by changing the image on the coaster of a human into one that is badly bruised. This acts as a reminder as well as a form of encouragement for victims to step up and voice out against domestic violence. While, it might be just a simple coaster design, the idea and thinking behind this execution is very well thought of. I think having your message appear at the right place, at the right time together with clear effective visuals is the winning formula for creating good quality work.

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