The burger options

Advertisements on TV can be disruptive and irritating to some viewers. So, if you do not have one that is funny and that it leads the viewer to ponder by getting their curiosity aroused, then chances are, the remote’s going to switch you off. These ads by Steak ‘n Shake is amusing and features the story of two phony casts displaying their love for the burgers. Featuring both the teacher and his disciple, the video talks about the perfect balance while the other shows the numerous options. I particularly love how they showed the story in a quirky and amusing way. Check them out.

Creativity VS Practicality

Every now and then we lament about our jobs as creatives. Most likely our complains revolves around that fine line between producing creative work or commercial works. It is never easy for creatives to make that balance between doing something really cool OR something that pays really well. Doing good work requires that one really love it and not doing it for other purposes. Multidisciplinary design and production studio, Eskimo made a video which gives us a more realistic account of the lives creatives lead. The video had several creatives sharing their experience and ideas. Some of which, is really worth sharing. Have a look at this video.

Fly me home, British Airways

There are so many people who travel abroad from India for work, study and even settling down in the US. British Airways, an airline with the human touch believes that it is important that nothing should stand between the bonds of families. They started this long-term campaign to tell India Ex-Pats that they should be visiting their Mums soon. The campaign, “It’s time to Visit Mum!” debuted with a rather touching video of a mom who records her account of how she misses her son that is now in America. She cooks his favorite dish and was actually told that someone from British Airways would meet her and bring it to her son in America. That person is none other than her son. It came as a shocking surprise to see her beloved son after 15 years. Indeed, a very touching story that would definitely bring a strong and heavy message across to all the Indian Ex-Pats in the US.

Tampon camp

When was the time you hear someone senior telling you that it takes a girl to market a girl’s product? I remember vividly the time when I was handed a brief on a tampon brand. Back then, I hadn’t the slightest clue of the product nor the immense knowledge of its product nature and for once I actually took the advice of passing the brief to another team. Well, turns out I am actually wrong. This video was created by Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, both ex BBDO team partners for tampon subscription service, HellpFlo. The videos portrays a very prickly young pre-teen girl who experiences her period before all the rest of her peers. She takes this situation into her leverage by becoming the ‘camp gyno’. An amusing video with engaging scenarios.

“It was beginning of summer, and no one knew me at camp,” she begins. “I was a just a big random loser. Then, things changed. I got my period. The red badge of courage!”

This video creates a rather engaging experience for the audience and revealing the product brand at the end with emphasis on it’s benefits. An effective way to get the audience to remember the brand.




No room for mediocrity







When advertising a product, we are expecting a response from the receiver. To enable our message to be effectively communicated to our consumers, we aim to deliver succint yet impactful crafted ads. When an ad fails is when it portrays unmeaningful yet ineffective messages. In this case, H Two O, an isotonic beverage company created a series of people covered in ‘dandruffs’ looking rather uncoordinated. All these ads look like naff work done over an hour. It serves as a good example of poorly delivered ad that fails to portray or convey the mood, the message it originally was intented to. Hence, deserving little or no attention at all even if the media placement was strategic. This ad was taken from a train station in Singapore.

Strong USPs leads to good marketing

Driving an SUV for off road travels is a pleasure for most people. You go camping, hiking or even on a picnic with your SUV ride together with the wife and kids, makes up for a great weekend off the hectic week of work. Im personally a fan of SUV cars, but that hasn’t stop me from keeping my eyes on other interesting types of cars in the market. While I do confess my love for luxury sedans, as a creative I always keep my eyes open for interesting innovative cars that makes it’s appearance once in a while. The Smart fortwo is a rather unique car that does pique my interest with their rather quirky commercials. Due to the nature and positioning of this adorable looking car, advertising for this vehicle is more often or not, made with creativity. We see in this commercial how the car tried being an off road vehicle by challenging mountains and even dashing into the river! It is amusing to see how it failed at being so adventurous but yet a really tough hotshot in the city by ending with the Smart fortwo doing a really quick fascinating parallel parking. Nice way to position the vehicle by first showing it’s weakness and then exploiting it’s potential. Another vehicle well marketed. “The Smart fortwo: The Ultimate City Car”. Oh you bet it is.

Check out my resume



When it comes to job hunting, the first thing to the door is your resume. And like they say, the first impression counts. I still remember I once had a bottle of fresh milk delivered to my agency’s doorstep with a tag loosely knotted onto one of the bottles. The label reads, “freshly milked creative juice”. As much as I have to agree that it does caught our attention, I wouldn’t consider this creepy approach a healthy attention. Still nonetheless, it is important to create impact and that would inevitably score you some brownie points. In order to make that distinction, New Jersey-based advertising executive Chris Liu had his resume all jazzed up looking like a google search page. What you see is a results page with a list of search results displaying all his information. Looking just like Google’s page layout means communicating that same level of familiarism to his prospective employers. A rather creative approach to the traditional way of sending resumes.