Beautiful music for beautiful people

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Everyone deserves the right to be perfect. We are all perfect in our own ways. Music has always been an integral part of life which brings along joy, peace and love. God gave us the biggest gift ever – Creativity. With that, nothing is impossible. Y&R, Bogota, Colombia, gave hope to deaf people but granting them the opportunity to feel music through an app that would transform song frequencies into vibrations. Thus allowing them to experience music in their very own unique way. As part of an effort to promote Cartagena Music Festival, it was created exclusively to communicate the message that music is for EVERYONE. With the proliferation of mobile apps in the market, there are only so few that are really doing the society a favor. And this app, definitely nail the brief on that. The app transforms the song frequencies into vibrations and allows for deaf people to feel the vibrations, providing an interesting auditory experience. That way, everyone can relish and enjoy music together.


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