Nude Noodle Doodle








Good advertising does not equate to high budget over-the-top campaigns. With great strategy and creativity, we can create wonders to promote a product’s efficacy. There is a demand for good shampoos that provides effective hair-growth results but were unable to place their claims because the Japanese law prohibits efforts to explicitly declare their product efficacy. Hence, this led to a rather peculiar way of advertising hair products. Stationary stores which are mostly frequented by workers with possible balding symptoms, had scribble pads with ads for the shampoo printed on it. The artworks depicted heads of bald men urging customers who are testing their pens to drew on the balding heads, at the same time bringing across the message of the power of Zero Scalp. These ads caught the attention of customers because of it’s innovative yet amusing way of showing the product efficacy. This Nude Noodle Doodle went viral on social with great consumer response. What is best is that it really do not incur any media cost.

I particularly like this method of advertising because it places a product into another product’s category. The idea of cross category advertising is rather interesting because one would never know how it will turn out to be until you try it.


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