The staring incident

No longer were the rules of winning that easy especially when the prize is a very sought after smartphone. In fact, it is the Samsung S4! As you would imagined, winning something like this would be difficult and extremely challenging. Well, since the new Samsung S4 has got eye and gesture detection features, it is able to tell if you are looking at it. So in order for you to win your prize, you need to stare at it without fail for 60 minutes straight. That’s one hour without leaving that object out of sight! And to make things worse, there would be loads of distractions around you. To dramatize and distract you from winning your prize, be expected to “ignore” outlandish and bizarre events like motor bike crashes, couples squabbling, loud guitarist and even people on fire!

Again, a very good way to promote the phone features using interesting and creative campaigns. Where mobile smartphones are concerned, it is extremely fun and enjoyable to come out with ideas through the angle of smart product positioning. I do hope to see more of such creative campaigns in Singapore too!


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