Bringing retail into digital


One of the main issues most retailers face when moving their operations online is the lack of physical engagement for their consumers. Of course, it is almost not possible to create the same in-store experience online. However, as technology advances, there are really limitless possibilities to simulate that experience. While mobile and online technology is gaining traction from savvy consumers, e-commerce sites are starting to enjoy greater traffic and sales. Soko Aoki, founder of Panoplaza, a slick photography solution that crafts virtual online stores with their panoramic technology, has announce that he will be partnering with Tokyo-based, e-commerce startup provides the capability for store owners to create their own online shop easily. Now, with the collaboration of Panoplaza, is able to pack the panoramic technology with their business offering. users can make use of this new offering to create a more attractive virtual storefront and bring forth as close the physical experience online. While this might sound like a very attractive offer, competitor Base recently launch an IOS app which offer users the capability to build an online store from mobile. Base, a startup in Japan also offering innovative digital solutions for retailers has yet to talk to Soko. As it all seems, the retail marketing space in Japan is moving towards a rather exciting path forward.

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