Birds of a feather flock together


LikeMind3 LikeMind2

Birds of a feather flock together. Every now and then you are bound to meet some one that would fascinate you, bring out a really good conversation or doing the thing you do most. That said, we now have a social app that is predominantly programmed to link you up with people who share the same interest as you or I would say, someone speaking your lingo. LikeMind, as the name implies, does this purpose of linking people who are interested in the topics shared and aims to pull the crowds together. Unlike most other social apps, they do engage but not targeted solely at building interest groups. LikeMind is going to be available by this week and with an aim to bond the people near you by giving them the opportunity to do so. Great idea isn’t it?

Let’s just assume the app works pretty much like an ad posting site. You could post a “flyer” on your on board and this virtual board serves as a means for people to locate you. Interestingly, on each flyer there would be six tabs where people could tear it off and use it as a means to contact you. Just like what you would experience in real life, you get to do so here virtually. This allows people to contact you and not flood you with overwhelming response. I pretty much love the idea of simulating real life experience on the virtual space. The great thing about these tabs is that it allows people to contact you and strike a conversation. The flyers are probably the main idea for interaction for the app but it does boost it’s capability to strike meaningful conversations rather than apps which mainly allows you to just browse the pictures or profiles of people you dont know. Which is kind of like stalking or weird?

Some of the other issues I believe for a new startup app is that it has a generally small groups of people populating the app database. While it is still in it’s infancy, the app’s potential for linking people with similar interests is one powerful aspect of online social interaction that is noteworthy. On top of that, LikeMind offers a set of full functionality that grants you features like flyer targeting, pinboard filtering and even image sharing. These could all be unlock with LikeMind points. However, it would cost you $3 to open up some of these premium offerings. While it isn’t a lot of money, my only concern is charging for premium services during an app’s infant stage but rather, aim to stabilize and perfect the system. And through updates later on, implement premium services accompanied by monetary charges.

I do hope to see more and more people trying this app and learn the development and progress for the app’s product cycle. Ideally, the app would change the way we make friends and understand each other through it’s more targeted online social interaction platform.

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