Security features

Cars to most people are a form of luxury or transport from point A to B. However, a car could be a very essential survival tool for a police officer. Ford Motor recently worked together with Intermotive to develop a new vehicle security feature for the Interceptor police cars. Basically, the rear camera now has motion detection and is able to sense when a person is approaching the vehicle from its rear. The alarm sounds and the car is automatically being locked with it’s windows rolled up when it detects someone coming from the rear. A very safe feature which primarily protects the police officer, giving the officer enough time to check and analyze the surroundings. The camera is also designed to be on all the time which means the officer is able to assess the situation anytime. Due to situations where police officers get into trouble when they are on solo patrols, the new Surveillance Mode would come in handy. As an officer is needed to leave the car, someone might just approach the vehicle. Thus, with this new feature it would definitely help to keep the officers safe. This would be readily available for all the 2014 models.

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