The Amazing Mix


Websites with great interactivity bring about greater fun and engagement. A good web is one that engages the audience by providing unique content with great interactive elements. ATTIK has developed The Amazing Mix site with a video board to display the new Lexus IS sedan in front and center. With the clever use of your keyboard, any key would cause the scene’s visuals and audio elements to change. Therefore, it creates a rather unique custom mix. What impresses me is the smooth transition of effects happening between the scenes. It is extremely interesting to watch the effects as you move around your keyboard punching random buttons.

“The Lexus IS sport sedan appeals to performance-driven, tech-savvy customers who are looking to stand out from the crowd,” said Lexus Corporate Marketing Manager Brian Bolain. “‘The Amazing Mix’ allows users to infuse their own identity into their video and share it with their friends. We’re already seeing some amazing mixes and we can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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