Skin me alive!


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Animal’s skin is often well sought after especially when it comes to luxury fashion enthusiasts as well as leather lovers. There are so many usage for animal skins and the demand for that is increasing. While we all know that all these is unhealthy and could potentially lead to the extinction and cruelty to animals, there is still no signs of decreasing demands. It is times like this that imperative measures should be taken to curb these unnecessary demands of people. Lowe Singapore decided to launch a series of print ads to convey this warnings to the public with poignant messages for their animal rights group, PETA. The ads illustrates the cruelty of humans tearing off animals of their skins. We see alligators, zebras and bears being skinned to meet these exotic demands of humans. A really punchy headline that reads, “When you buy, you become part of it.” is accompanied by effective copy, “Poaching is driven by demand. So the day you stop buying, they stop killing. Sign a pledge to be 100% cruelty-free at”  Personally, these ads appeal to me and it is really impacting the lives of the animals. So, let’s all stop these animal abuse and move towards a more organic movement.

PETA associate director Mimi Bekhechi has pointed out that “every single person who buys a jacket, a handbag or shoes made out of an animal’s skin contributes to the demand for exotic-skins and pelts – and supports some of the bloodiest industries on the planet.” 



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