The random flight

Heineken is one of the few clients out there whom creatives would truly love to get a chance to work on their briefs. It is always an avenue for more creative work to suffice. In the past, we do see lots of highly engaging and amazingly rewarding marketing stunts which they had pulled off. Previous campaigns like the UEFA cup stunt, had pretty much shown how receptive Heineken is to creative work. This time round, they have push that boundary again with another amazing stunt. This has got to be one of the best incentivise stunt I have seen so far for the year. People at JFK were challenged with the option to drop their existing flight plans and head off to another location. The catch here is you cannot decide where you would go. All you need to do is simply press the red button and the board would randomly pick a location for you. Cool idea with an element of surprise. Can Heineken convince you to fly to another promising location? Would you play this Departure Roulette if it comes up to you?

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