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The power of social media has a direct impact in our lives these days. While we blog and listen to people whom we follow and get influenced by, we tend to immerse into the community inevitably. BMW wanted to create a new holiday in China. Thus, they leveraged on the influence of several popular bloggers on China’s microblogging platform Weibo. They were eventually able to garner more than 300 thousand users to mention about their greatest regrets for “Ctrl Z Day”. Apparently, it is said that the second Friday of every July is a “worldwide day of regret” and people would discuss the point in life which they would like to undo if they had a choice to “Ctrl Z”. While it is a universal term to label the undo function with “Ctrl Z”, it might not be one that would relate so much to a huge demographic. Unfortunately, I do question the effectivity of this viral campaign.

Well, this was all done in an effort to promote BMW’s Z4 sports car. BMW revealed eventually that it is behind the campaign and would pretty much relate  a “philosophical lesson on life and regret” and promoting its Z4 car model.

Life is not a flat road. There will inevitably be setbacks, a few of which you will have no choice over, but regret can’t reverse them. Rather than remembering the past, it is better to look forward to the future. Life doesn’t have a Ctrl Z. Control Z4: drive and have no regret!” 

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