Fret no more. Losing your keys is cool.


How many times have you lost your house keys? It is inevitable that you would probably have lost your keys at least once in your lifetime. Apparently, Lockitron replaced physical ones with smartphone door locking system. I refer to an article on Springwise with regards to an innovation that allows us to get a ‘copy’ of our home keys almost at any nearby 7 eleven store. KeyMe, a newly set up company had created a kiosk that would provide you the service of duplicating and producing your keys on the spot. The kiosk first require you to register your keys by placing it on the kiosk for the first time from which it then scans your key and saves a digital version. Then you could pay USD3.49 to get a copy or choose to store the file through registration of a KeyMe account. The login details are your email and fingerprint through biometric scanner. So this time if you happen to lose your keys, you can head down to your nearest 7-Elven and scan your finger. You would instantly get the machine to cut you a new key for USD19.99! What’s more, you could even choose the design of the key you want to be cut. Neat! This is indeed an innovation that would ease the woes of home owners who has the tendency to lose their keys.


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