Geek chic

Who do you mix with during your college years? Is it the craziest bunch of wild after school party goers or the studios bunch of geeks in school? Well, you would probably also see a big difference in terms of fashion between these two extreme groups of people. You wouldn’t expect the geeky bunch to have that ‘wild’ dress sense and pretty much also explains why tech geeks are motivated in producing great gadgets but lacking that eye for making it ‘cool’ looking. Google has a knack for making awesome new inventions but it’s Google Glass design is lacking that appeal for a truly fashionable design. The headset is arguably so ugly that no one would bother wearing it. Now, thats where the crazy wild party goers, the designers decided to make it look like a stylish pair of glasses. One that Colin Firth would wear. Software development startup Sourcebits has came up with a nice designer concept for Glass. Check them out below.

Creative director Benjamin George explains: “Google Glass right now has an uneven weight distribution because all the tech is packed on one side whereas we have split it to both frame handles which logically made sense to reduce the thickness. Dual touch pads are an added benefit to cater to both right and left handed users.”


googleglass4 googleglass3 googleglass5 googleglass2 googleglaas1 googleglassprimary_original


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