Show me only what I want

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Pinterest being one of the most popular social platforms around has gotten quite a huge following over the last couple of years. Apparently, as they grew in size, the amount of information on the space expands and tend to overload users with too much content. Some of which are relevant while the rest might be just spam content for others. In order to deliver a much more personalized experience, Pinterest is now seeking new ways to do content filtration through some experiments in the coming weeks. Pinterest will now track your web history and then display pins that would interest you while filtering those you might not be interested in. As much as Pinterest is aware that not everyone is cool with the idea of having someone looking at their browsing activity, they respect your privacy by allowing you to skip that with the “Do Not Track” option. While these are functions that social sites like Twitter already has, do you think this is an ideal way to filter content to get users interested?

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