Strong USPs leads to good marketing

Driving an SUV for off road travels is a pleasure for most people. You go camping, hiking or even on a picnic with your SUV ride together with the wife and kids, makes up for a great weekend off the hectic week of work. Im personally a fan of SUV cars, but that hasn’t stop me from keeping my eyes on other interesting types of cars in the market. While I do confess my love for luxury sedans, as a creative I always keep my eyes open for interesting innovative cars that makes it’s appearance once in a while. The Smart fortwo is a rather unique car that does pique my interest with their rather quirky commercials. Due to the nature and positioning of this adorable looking car, advertising for this vehicle is more often or not, made with creativity. We see in this commercial how the car tried being an off road vehicle by challenging mountains and even dashing into the river! It is amusing to see how it failed at being so adventurous but yet a really tough hotshot in the city by ending with the Smart fortwo doing a really quick fascinating parallel parking. Nice way to position the vehicle by first showing it’s weakness and then exploiting it’s potential. Another vehicle well marketed. “The Smart fortwo: The Ultimate City Car”. Oh you bet it is.

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