Not your everyday family car

Advertising has evolved to meet our ambitious behaviors and consumption. One of the formulas commonly adopted in advertising is the dramatizing of the product proposition. While the proliferation of crappy ads done in bad taste has choked the media often, there are some who make dramas seem so smooth. SKODA has recently did this commercial which evidently displays their Octavia vRS as one family car with a difference. And a massive difference we are talking about here. We literally witness the idea of how “even a bad ass would envy” theme come to life here. While the car cruises down the road, a series of dramatic events unfold one after another. By capturing the facial expressions of each individual and their reaction upon seeing the car, it is undoubtedly one attention seeker.

“The new more powerful Octavia vRS. It’s not your everyday family car.”

Thats a standard product benefit pack with a twist. And we can clearly see it in the commercial. Nowadays automobile commercials are starting to get more interesting.

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