What’s your Tabitat?

The demand for tablets continue to soar as it thrives to be the most commonly used mobile devices. Thus, replacing a bigger market share of mobile devices like laptops. And, it is not surprising that big brands like Samsung is one of the brand influencers behind the powering of this wave. Cheil Canada, the advertising arm for Samsung in canada has recently done up a series of TV commercials for the Galaxy Tab 3. With a campaign strap-line that is both personal and catchy, “What’s Your Tabitat?” It places a lot of attention on how you and your device relate to one another within your own very personal space.  An interesting angle of positioning the device making it so personal you almost felt like it is an integral part of your daily arsenal for work or leisure. We see a pattern in all three commercials with the voiceover character literally exposing his cover together with the filming crew as they blunder into the lives of the casts. This amusing intrusion of privacy makes you want to own that personal space even more. Smart as you would say, but I highly doubt if most of the viewers would think or would react to the message the way it was planned. Again, short commercials really need to push forward a strong message in a quick and crisp way. Especially, if you have a strong product positioning. Make sure your audience would grasp the idea in a split second. Otherwise, it’s the remote control “kick” thats coming.

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