Featuring the iPhone 6

Since the drop of market share for tech giant Apple, it is under extreme pressure to release new tech that would revolutionize their current offerings. Also known to have not produced anything groundbreaking yet, their current product portfolio seems to be recycling in both design and technology. There are a lot of rumors and hype building up lately, most certainly directed towards having a possible new iPhone model coming up in the recent months to come. Sometimes, you just got to give what the fans wants, for the fans. I always loved watching fan videos of their expectations for the iPhone. Here is a concept video which would feature how a future iPhone 6 would probably looked like running on iOS7. What’s cool is the edge to edge screen which almost make every fan’s dream come true. It even boosts a 3D camera, awesome surround sound system and a wireless charging technology. Wow, now that’s a ‘gamechanger’ for me!

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